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Here we have fun games with the simple purpose of running. Run ahead in 2D or 3D to achieve the best distance before you run into an obstacle or fall down into death.

Running Wizard 2 game: Running Wizard 2
You again have to destroy castles while running through a kingdom.
Rating: 3.80
Tac Nayn Demolition 9 game: Tac Nayn Demolition 9
Play the evil twin of Nyan Cat, run through space and shoot cute cats and goodies.
Rating: 3.47
8 Bit Dash game: 8 Bit Dash
A fun eight-bit arcade style running game for one or two players.
Rating: 3.75
Canabalt game: Canabalt
Lead a guy who is running over rooftops to achieve the farthest distance possible.
Rating: 3.57
Breakthrough game: Breakthrough
First gain the highest speed by collecting chilli peppers, then bust through as many walls as possible!
Rating: 3.67
Kawairun game: Kawairun
A fun distance game in which you have to keep running for as long as possible.
Rating: 3.46
Glow Runner game: Glow Runner
An addicting one button auto run game that will surprise you with unexpected incidents.
Rating: 3.61
Run Mario game: Run Mario
Run with Super Mario through Mushroom Kingdom to achieve best distance.
Rating: 3.17
Pup Run game: Pup Run
Play Larry the little freaking knight who runs on a puppy dog to collect beer.
Rating: 3.74
Please Stop Running game: Please Stop Running
Control a punk girl who must sprint endlessly and shoot enemies.
Rating: 3.82
Sketchman game: Sketchman
Travel the farthest distance while you avoid or shoot deadly obstacles.
Rating: 3.64
Rex Run game: Rex Run
Help this T-Rex man running through the canyons of death for as long as possible.
Rating: 3.81
Soopa Sprinta game: Soopa Sprinta
Guide a hooded boy and make him jump over trashcans and climb up walls.
Rating: 3.48
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