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Here we have fun games with the simple purpose of running. Run ahead in 2D or 3D to achieve the best distance before you run into an obstacle or fall down into death.

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Run Panda Run game: Run Panda Run
Control a cute little panda bear and run or fly with him through a jungle.
Rating: 3.04
• TOP: 4.52 •
Robot Unicorn Attack 2 Evolution game: Robot Unicorn Attack 2 Evolution
Start an endless race with your robot unicorn. Catch goodies and smash obstacles.
Rating: 4.52
• TOP: 4.09 •
Run Ninja Run game: Run Ninja Run
You are a ninja who is on the run out of hostile territory.
Rating: 4.09
• TOP: 4.00 •
FlashRunner game: FlashRunner
Sprint along paths with lightning fast speed and collect coins.
Rating: 4.00
• TOP: 3.95 •
The Gauntlet game: The Gauntlet
Guide a running stickman through an obstacle course. Quick reactions required.
Rating: 3.95
• TOP: 3.93 •
Hue Runner game: Hue Runner
Help a little creature run and jump as far as possible by changing its colors.
Rating: 3.93
• TOP: 3.91 •
Nexgame game: Nexgame
You have to run and break through walls of ice blocks.
Rating: 3.91
The Incredibles Thin Ice game: The Incredibles Thin Ice
Help superhero Frozone maneuver through the rooftops of Metro City.
Rating: 3.80
Robot Unicorn Attack game: Robot Unicorn Attack
Race a magical unicorn across a purple landscape to smash stars before they smash you!
Rating: 3.74
Treasure Rush game: Treasure Rush
A distance run game that is a bit like the temple run but in 2D.
Rating: 3.83
Escape 3D game: Escape 3D
Survive and run through a 3D tunnel for as long as possible.
Rating: 3.39
Prince of Persia the Forgotten Sands game: Prince of Persia the Forgotten Sands
Run over rooftops in this Prince of Persia online flash game.
Rating: 3.54
Gun Run game: Gun Run
Sprint along a landscape while shooting robots and collecting power ups.
Rating: 3.13
Run 2 CoolMath game: Run 2 CoolMath
You go on a space walk again, and you can run with two different creatures.
Rating: 3.52
Run CoolMath game: Run CoolMath
Guide a little creature through an endless space tunnel. Run as far as possible.
Rating: 3.49
Dora Saves The Snow Princess game: Dora Saves The Snow Princess
Help Dora ride her pegasus horse to save the Snow Princess.
Rating: 3.67
Mad Samurai game: Mad Samurai
You are running through the lands to destroy enemies and obstacles. How long will you survive?
Rating: 3.59
Running Wizard game: Running Wizard
Run through the kingdom while destroying castles with magic spells.
Rating: 3.15
Cyber Sprint game: Cyber Sprint
A futuristic distance run game in which you need good reactions.
Rating: 3.06
Speedrunner game: Speedrunner
Play as a superhero and defuse bombs before time is out!
Rating: 3.39
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