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Here we have various run race games about competitive running sport like shown in the Olympic games: sprinting, jogging, hurdles, 100m dash and other racing sport games related to fast movement.

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Phys Runner game: Phys Runner
Move a sprinter by pressing keys QWOP with the right timing. Compete against others in multiplayer mode.
Rating: 3.37
• TOP: 4.66 •
Surely one of the hardest games ever. Make this guy run 100 metres!
Rating: 4.66
• TOP: 4.02 •
Running Back Attack game: Running Back Attack
You are the Running Back. Run through the defense to score a touch down!
Rating: 4.02
• TOP: 3.93 •
Sprinter game: Sprinter
Compete in 100 meter dash with increasing difficulty to become the ultimate athlete.
Rating: 3.93
• TOP: 3.83 •
Crazy Running game: Crazy Running
Sprint through the streets of a city while jumping over hurdles and obstacles and while avoiding cars.
Rating: 3.83
• TOP: 3.81 •
Sewer Run game: Sewer Run
A skateboard racing game in which you have to race down an old sewer pipe.
Rating: 3.81
• TOP: 3.78 •
100m Running game: 100m Running
In this sport game you must sprint 100 meters in the fastest time possible.
Rating: 3.78
Aqua Running game: Aqua Running
Test your running speed on underwater tracks against the world's best sprinters.
Rating: 3.63
Hurdles: Road to Olympic Games game: Hurdles: Road to Olympic Games
A great track and field game where you can start a career as a runner.
Rating: 3.76
Jogging in Hell game: Jogging in Hell
Jump out of your grave and jog through the many dangers of hell.
Rating: 3.71
40 Yard Dash game: 40 Yard Dash
A great short distance sprinting game. Evaluate your speed on 40 yards (36.58 meters)!
Rating: 3.72
Summer Games 2005 game: Summer Games 2005
Play four olympic minigames including 100 meter dash and hurdles.
Rating: 3.67
Olympics 2012 Hurdles game: Olympics 2012 Hurdles
A hurdle jump sport game with four level and tough competition.
Rating: 3.09
Hurdle Race 2 game: Hurdle Race 2
This is a 110 meter sprint Hurdle Race game with increasing difficulty!
Rating: 3.52
Hurdle Race game: Hurdle Race
You must reach the finish line first in this great 3D 110 meter hurdle race!
Rating: 3.42
Super Obstacle Girl game: Super Obstacle Girl
Play as a shaped jogging girl running over a country side obstacle course.
Rating: 3.24
Bugs & Cecil In Mad Dash game: Bugs & Cecil In Mad Dash
Bugs Bunny chalenges turtle Cecil to a hurdles race. Can you win with him?
Rating: 3.45
Scooby Doo Hurdle Race game: Scooby Doo Hurdle Race
Compete in timed hurdle races against Scoobys monsters. Have no fear!
Rating: 3.53
Race Against Hunger game: Race Against Hunger
A sprint and hurdles game where you compete against world leaders.
Rating: 3.19
Peking 2008 game: Peking 2008
A sport game with 100 meter sprint and 7 other olympic disciplines.
Rating: 3.26
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