Play games where you are On The Run

In this category you can find and play games with the objective to run away and escape from something or somebody chasing you just like in the popular temple run game.

Coyote and Road Runner game: Coyote and Road Runner
You are Road Runner and you have to escape Wile E. Coyote who is chasing you. 3D!
Rating: 3.31
Jungle Runner game: Jungle Runner
You are on the run from a huge lava wave that is flooding a jungle.
Rating: 3.53
Zombie Run game: Zombie Run
Stay away from zombies who want to catch you while you must collect green diamonds.
Rating: 3.69
Gravity Guy game: Gravity Guy
Switch gravity up and down to escape your persecutor.
Rating: 3.49
Bullrun Fever game: Bullrun Fever
You are running in front of wild bulls that have been let loose! Can you reach the bullring?
Rating: 3.64
Extreme Building Runner game: Extreme Building Runner
Run away from big King Kong who wants to kidnap your girlfriend.
Rating: 3.94
Dark Run game: Dark Run
You are on the run from the dark inside of a spooky castle.
Rating: 3.84
Scooby Doo Graveyard Dash game: Scooby Doo Graveyard Dash
Scooby Doo is chased by a ghost in a creepy graveyard at night. Help him get away.
Rating: 3.28
Temple Run game: Temple Run
One of the most popular online running games for mobile phones.
Rating: 3.43
Dino Panic game: Dino Panic
A fun auto running game where you are on the run from a dino.
Rating: 3.35
Tom And Jerry Halloween Run game: Tom And Jerry Halloween Run
Help Jerry mouse run quickly away to escape the tomcat Tom.
Rating: 3.48
Hunted Forever game: Hunted Forever
You are on the run from deadly machines that hunt you through a mine. Survive!
Rating: 3.44
Run Soldier Run game: Run Soldier Run
Guide your soldiers through a hailstorm of enemy fire on the battlefield.
Rating: 3.45
Run Lil' Broccoli game: Run Lil' Broccoli
Save the poor little broccoli's live, the cook is after him!
Rating: 3.70
Wait 4 Me game: Wait 4 Me
Jump and run for your life and escape a comet storm to reach the final flight in time!
Rating: 3.62
Flood Runner 2 game: Flood Runner 2
The next big wave! Escape by jumping, flying and of course by running.
Rating: 3.58
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