Play games where you are On The Run

In this category you can find and play games with the objective to run away and escape from something or somebody chasing you just like in the popular temple run game.

Oil Spill Escape game: Oil Spill Escape
Swim for your life and escape an unhealthy plume of oil!
Rating: 3.89
• NEW •
Ruin Run game: Ruin Run
A fun 3D online running game inspired by the famous temple run game.
Rating: 3.33
• NEW •
Zombies Don't Run game: Zombies Don't Run
Run along an abandoned highway full of horrible zombies to destroy them.
Rating: 3.28
• TOP: 4.40 •
Dino Run 2 Marathon of Doom game: Dino Run 2 Marathon of Doom
Your little dino is again on the run from a deadly pyroclastic wave. How long can you survive?
Rating: 4.40
• TOP: 4.37 •
Run Ninja Run 3 game: Run Ninja Run 3
The new sequel of the awesome Ninja Run distance games by Pyrozen.
Rating: 4.37
• TOP: 4.28 •
Flood Runner 3 Armageddon game: Flood Runner 3 Armageddon
Armageddon time. Will the runner survive again? It's up to you!
Rating: 4.28
• TOP: 4.19 •
Run Ninja Run 2 game: Run Ninja Run 2
You again have to run away from your enemies to reach your base camp.
Rating: 4.19
• TOP: 4.11 •
Dino Run game: Dino Run
You're a small Dino and you are on the run from a pyroclastic wall of doom!
Rating: 4.11
• TOP: 4.06 •
Cops and Robbers game: Cops and Robbers
Backpack your money sack and flee from a bunch of angry cops.
Rating: 4.06
Flood Runner game: Flood Runner
Escape from a giant flood wave inside a cave! Achieve the farthest distance.
Rating: 4.05
Extreme Pamplona game: Extreme Pamplona
A running bull is chasing you through the streets of Europe!
Rating: 3.98
Run Batman Run game: Run Batman Run
Help Batman evade his pursuers and flee into the solace of darkness.
Rating: 3.67
Flood Runner 4 game: Flood Runner 4
The 4th and newest game in the series. More upgrades, bonuses and fun!
Rating: 3.85
Nightmare Runner game: Nightmare Runner
Stuck in a nightmare! Horrible creatures want to kill you. Run, shoot and get away.
Rating: 3.57
Bimmin game: Bimmin
A hungry T-Rex is after you! Jump and escape for your live.
Rating: 3.93
Tom and Jerry what's the Catch game: Tom and Jerry what's the Catch
Play as Tom cat or Jerry mouse and try to catch your opponent!
Rating: 3.02
Angry Gran Run game: Angry Gran Run
Help Granny escape from the angry retirement home! Run her savely through the streets.
Rating: 3.58
Bloosso Run game: Bloosso Run
Help a Barbarian or Viking escape from something horrible and catch big loot.
Rating: 3.31
Angry Gran Run 2 game: Angry Gran Run 2
Grandma needs your help again to escape from an angry asylum in Grannywood!
Rating: 3.59
Bimmin Haunted Night game: Bimmin Haunted Night
A hungry skeleton T-Rex dinosaur is chasing you at Halloweens night!
Rating: 3.35
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